TRACKS — Platform Launch and Campaign
Remixing Diesel’s classic
denim heritage into
unforgettable nights out
Denim is the world’s social fabric. Clubbing, partying, or just hanging out, it’s the thread that weaves us together. And Diesel means denim: an iconic brand that mixes catwalk style with everyday sociability.

But today, socializing is different. And to be relevant, Diesel needed more than just a passive presence. They needed to bring people together in ways that truly celebrate the remixing that makes socializing so special.

That’s why we helped Diesel to launch Tracks. A brand campaign promoting the stretchy, dancefloor-friendly Track Denim collection, Tracks is a series of events combining some of the most sought-after club promoters in one-of-a-kind collabs. Hosted in partnership with underground radio rebels NTS and under the guidance of Diesel’s fashion-forward creative director Glenn Martens, Tracks remixes today’s most popular club nights into a unique celebration of togetherness. Launched in London in 2022, TRACKS continues to bring people together across the globe.
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