Putting Flannels and Christmas Parties hand in hand
Flannels, one of the largest fashion online retailers, tasked Sunshine to increase their visibility and appeal within a competitive landscape. We established the brand’s new positioning ‘Welcome to New Luxury’ in an aim to retain their core youthful audience whilst elevating their credentials to attract new luxury clientele.
Flannels SingletilesFlannels Singletiles2
For our first campaign, off the back of their new strategy, we wanted to welcome in Christmas Party Season with a celebration of the best new luxury fashion.

Working with the distinctly British truth of never ending Christmas parties, we created a mesmerising music video-esque experience that blurred the lines between realism and surrealism.

Introducing, #ThePartyNeverStops; a campaign in which we bring to life the succession of Christmas Eve parties through dance; the energy from Biig Piig’s track ‘Kerosene’ still exuding from our party-goers as they leave one party, and make their way onto the next.

The campaign assets and media placements are on a seamless loop to conceptually encapsulate the idea of ‘The Party Never Stops’, with Flannels as the number one destination to find the best party looks this season.
Flannels Ooh Portrait
Flannels Ooh Landscape