Gideon Simeloff | London
Group Chief Operating Officer
Gideon is Sunshine’s Group Chief Operations Officer and a director of the Roald Dahl Literary Estate, where he plays an active role managing the entertainment and brand actives of Roald Dahl. Gideon lists Billy Bragg and, of course, Mr. Dahl himself amongst his creative heroes. Of all the contemporary outlets for entertainment, books inspire him most.

He has over 18 years of experience in business development, commercial strategy, IP and investment. Before joining Sunshine, he ran the venture capital and content investment activities of the Abu Dhabi government and acted as Head of Strategy, Investment and M&A for Fremantle Media and Chorion.

Gideon’s career-long interest in the holistic growth of companies led him to create an incubation programme for entrepreneurs and creatives which has over 5,000 active members. It’s no surprise that his ambition at Sunshine is to ‘make things happen’. As a Board Director, Gideon has invested in, and overseen, a crop of highly successful media, advertising and content businesses.
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