Sunshine partner with female led luxury fashion brand, The Modist

Leading the cultural conversation in changing the way the world thinks about Modest fashion.

When most people hear “modest fashion” they’ll generally jump to stereotypes of religious adherence, prudish drabness or only for those blessed with slim frames and financial privilege. Whatever the association, until recently this kind of dressing has been seen as miles away from what a modern secular woman would choose to wear.

Smashing the stereotypes.

Born out of a desire to smash those stereotypes, on International Women’s’ Day in March 2017, The Modist launched, a luxury e-comm platform dedicated to high fashion through a more modest silhouette; long sleeves, long hems, no high slits, not too much lace.

“There are misconceptions about what modesty is. I think that when you speak to modesty, sometimes there are certain perceptions that modesty is this certain religion, a particular age and particular look. We want to change those perceptions. We are saying that modesty can be so many different things, can be coveted by so many different women, and that it can be cool and beautiful and elegant and everything a woman wants”

Ghizlan Guenez, CEO

In July 2018, The Modist came to Sunshine to help define their brand point of view and launch it in a meaningful and impactful way, helping them use the power and influence of fashion and their brand story to spearhead cultural progression. We needed to redefine ‘modesty’ from a conversation laden with cultural baggage, to a fashion forward silhouette and empowered choice for all women everywhere.

Fashion’s new gaze.

At a moment in time where the fashion industry was starting to take notice, at a time where now more than ever there were a lot of people getting air time for what women wear, from the British Foreign Secretary to The French Tennis association it was fitting for the Modist to take the reigns as a platform celebrating nothing more complicated than the universality of a woman’s choice. A choice to live life through the female, not male gaze, a gaze that sees people as people, a gaze that empathizes with and celebrates instead of objectifies the female form.

Fashion with a point of view, style without sacrifice.

Sunshine worked closely with The Modist team to articulate their point of view in a powerful and impactful way, but a brand is at its most powerful when complemented by what it does as much as what it says. Along with the brand manifesto, Sunshine and The Modist shot the #alamodist campaign; a fashion forward take on all the surprisingly diverse faces, bodies and styles that can make a modest silhouette, speaking to women who choose to dress modestly for whatever their reason.

From a moment to a movement.

A point of view is only powerful if others can understand and express it, the #alamodist movement launched as part of the campaign inviting all the diverse faces and styles of the Modest fashion movement to join The Modist in celebrating the female gaze. Against the current cultural backdrop, navigating the female form remains a fraught proposition in the most quotidian and granular of ways, the campaign seeks to inspire, arm, and galvanise women to feel completely at home, completely themselves and completely fashion relevant in their essentially concealed bodies.

“The Modist is an inspiring brand sitting at the heart of a powerful cultural conversation, partnering with them at a time where their story is so relevant and ripe has been inspiring, challenging and incredibly gratifying. We’re so proud to partner with The Modist on their important mission.”

Al MacCuish, Creative Chairman, Sunshine