A Dream Partnership
with Roald Dahl

Teaming-up with the world's
number one storyteller

It's not often you get the opportunity to work with a partner so fantabulous that it makes every grown-up you know jealous… as well as every child. But that's the case with the Roald Dahl Literary Estate. It's been a childhood dream come true.

As leading strategic, creative and commercial partners, Sunshine and the Roald Dahl Literary Estate are on a joint mission is to transform what was traditionally a licensing-focused business into an industry-leading global entertainment company.

Since 2014, we have re-imagined the business strategy to take greater advantage of rights through reacquisition and the creation of new entertainment and franchise opportunities. This includes taking over the management of all key partnerships, including publishers, film studios, broadcasters and agents.

Together we aim to unlock new opportunities and increase the value of the brand, while pursuing the vision Sunshine established: that one day every child will unlock the power of their imagination through Roald Dahl's stories.

"One day every child will unlock the
power of their imagination through
Roald Dahl's stories

Masters of Invention
Makers of Mischief
Champions of Good

Defining a world of
pure imagination

Our partnership began with a gleeful immersion into the magical world of Roald Dahl. Not just every book, but everyone and everything that was related to the world's number one storyteller – from filmmakers and family members to musicals and merchandise. From all this research, we identified three brand values designed to celebrate Roald Dahl's genius and inspire the Estate going forward.

Creating a Roald Dahl brand identity
for the first time in history

Despite inspiring children for over 70 years, as well as films, musicals and other forms of creativity, the Roald Dahl Literary Estate has never had a unifying brand identity. The new logo that we developed is now in use across all areas of the business – first making its big screen debut in 2016 at the start of The BFG film.

Matchmaking for Mischief

Sunshine has provided key creative and strategic consultation across a range of brand partnerships. We are always looking for exciting opportunities to connect with fans and new audiences – from the much-loved McDonald's Happy Reader Campaign that put 15 million Roald Dahl books into the hands of children, to the unique partnership we brokered with British fashion brand Boden, which lead to a premium children's clothing line that sold out in a matter of weeks.

As part of our creative partnership, we have also been developing our own secret concoctions with the Roald Dahl Estate. As you can imagine, we're dying to tell everyone all about them. But we can't. Quick clue: they include some amazing new adaptations as well as several completely original franchise opportunities for the brand.

100 Years Young

2016 was Roald Dahl's centennial year. To celebrate, there were major activities all around the world, including exhibitions, festivals and specials events. Sunshine played a key strategic role managing this programme, helping to generated over $1billion in media value.

Inspiring the next generation of

In 2017, we launched the first ever Imaginormous Challenge. Conceived by Sunshine, the exciting new creativity competition is designed to celebrate the power of a creative idea.

Children across America were invited to dream up their own story idea in 100 words or less. In its pilot year, the competition received over 20,000 entries. Six of these ideas will now be transformed into an incredible range of prizes, including as a mini-musical and an immersive Minecraft world.

We're already planning how Imaginormous can be getting bigger and better next year in pursuit of our overall goal to inspire one million new ideas by 2025.