Wham! A flamboyant feast for the senses.

Orlebar Brown’s fans can’t get enough of its eye-catching beach wear. With their Summer Capsule approaching, how could O.B. connect with both a new and existing audience while retaining their ultra-cool aspirational holiday appeal?

Answer: promoting the new Summer Capsule by celebrating the things that make our favourite holidays unforgettable. Three sun-drenched, carefree short films showcasing friendship, fun, and just flaunting it, all soundtracked by Wham!’s retro summer hit Club Tropicana.

Reflecting the fanbase’s exuberant, tongue-in-cheek humour, the stories featured street cast models, diversifying OB’s image while maintaining their it-boy glamour by crowning the feel-good ensemble with supermodel Jordan Barrett. A glossy, premium production added that must-have luxury factor, bringing OB’s flamboyant style to life with genuine character - and really putting the brand back in the sun.