Sunshine partner with Hope Works to give the next generation the tools to become engaged, confident and hopeful young people.

Changing the face of entertainment starting with our children and their impression of the world.

Today, our children live in a hyper-connected world with access to a huge variety of media platforms. While learning about the realities of life is vital to a child’s development, the way in which that information is fed through 24 hour news cycles is detrimental to their learning. Right now, the world appears to be a scarier place than ever. Global news bombards us with some truly terrible things, giving children the impression that the entire world is hostile and dangerous leaving them feeling anxious, fearful and powerless.

Time for a new story.

Born out of a desire to change the frightening face of media, BBC Children’s and Sky Kids decided to come together to make a real difference. Hope Works was born; a non-political initiative that would help children navigate the complex media landscape, and encourage the next generation to become engaged with and hopeful about the world around them.em.

“When we first came up with the idea of a project that would get to as many children around the world as possible we never dreamed that so many giants of kids entertainment would collaborate with us, along with invaluable support from incredible individuals. With kids’ anxiety levels rocketing in response to what they are seeing, hearing and witnessing it’s vital that we reassure them that there is kindness, tolerance and hope in the world.”

Lucy Murphy, Head of Kids Content, UK & ROI, Sky

Hope Works, as a brand, needed first to define their point of view on the world in order to attract the most creative, knowledgeable and powerful collaborations. The aim: to start a media revolution and launch with the utmost meaning and impact. This lead them to their first partnership - Sunshine. Together we would harness the power of entertainment, children and (most importantly) their hope. There is nothing stronger than the hope of a child. By supercharging the innate qualities of the next generation, we saw the opportunity to change the narrative and re-define a media world laden with fear and discord.

Reawaken a generation’s hope.

At a time when the morning news is full of catastrophe, and our social media feed twists messages on gender, sexuality, religion, and race; we grow more fearful for the fate of our children. This was the perfect time for Hope Works to rise up and champion the seemingly lost qualities of kindness and inclusion. These qualities - innate within our children - can be awakened through the power of entertainment as we provoke a future of positivity, resilience and creativity.

A mission to inspire.

Hope Works' creative platform begins with a suite of short films, produced in collaboration with top film-makers, broadcasters and media companies from around the world, aimed at children aged 4-12. The films are supported by activities, resources and games to deepen engagement and involve parents, carers and teachers. The goal is to reach as wide an audience of kids as possible, with the website being a repository for all the assets.

Sunshine built a creative platform of briefs that inspired the films, incorporating the themes that Hope Works believed would power-up kid’s innate qualities. These themes include; little things making a big difference, the power of why, phenomenal stories of recovery and illuminating the abundance of good news in the world that happens every day.

Activate compassion mode.

Through one theme, Hope Works aimed to reduce anxiety and dissolve conflict; Activate Compassion Mode. Everyone is born with a bottomless well of compassion, it is a recipe for survival and at the heart of every fairy tale. Our aim to mobilise the compassion of our children set off a wave of empathy through the media world. Creative leaders from across the globe came together to support the Hope Works cause, donating to the films, spreading the word and thinking of new ways to bring about hope.

This is just the beginning.

Now that the initiative has been embraced internationally, it can act as a platform for all future projects of hope. To find the films, check out the Hope Works website and the dedicated YouTube channel.

The films were launched on a variety of global platforms, including broadcast and social channels. The reach spans across North America, Latin America, Canada, Australia, the Middle East and Europe.
Specifically for the UK, Cbeebies will be showing the films on their channel from the 20th November, right up until Christmas 2018. Cbeebies will also host the film ‘Rise,’ which speaks to the issues of internet safety, on their website. The inspirational films are covered on all Sky Demand Platforms, including a ‘Top Picks,’ takeover.

Sunshine and Hope Works invite everyone who believes in a brighter media landscape to change the content of our screens, to guide the next generation to a more inclusive, compassionate and peaceful world. Against the current cultural wave of fake news, navigating the media world remains a troublesome journey, one that can be overwhelming and leave us feeling powerless. This initiative galvanises the most precious human qualities of hope and ambition so our children can embrace the world by making it a better one to live in.

Below are the global partners who together, with Sunshine, have united to launch Hopeworks: