A Global Call for
Gender Equality

Reigniting a movement through the power of entertainment

Sunshine worked with Gucci to create Chime for Change - one of the catalysts that sparked today's feminist movement.

Although only a short time ago, when we began working together in 2013, things were a little different. Although it was widely known that gender equality was an on-going global issue, it was a subject that rarely made headlines. It was a time when a celebrity speaking her mind in an interview was to be avoided, not encouraged. Before the word ‘feminist' had been dusted down, and proudly spelled out in bright lights. But we were beginning to see change. Projects like Everyday Sexism had begun to draw attention to the fact that life as a woman was actually not as equal as it should be. Our connected world meant that people were beginning to wake up to the global issues of gender equality.

Now was the time to shine a light on these issues and galvanise to create a movement, reigniting an existing conversation about gender equality around the world.

"None of us can move forward
when half of us are held back."

Frida Giannini, the Creative Director of Gucci, saw this change and together with Beyoncé, and Salma Hayek wanted to use her influence and connections for good.

Having created the Gucci Tribeca Film Fund, Gucci invited Sunshine to be involved. It was the perfect opportunity to create something incredible together. Chime for Change was born.

I Chime, You Chime,
We Chime

Chime means that when one woman sings, we sing back. It signified a global call for the support of disadvantaged women worldwide.

We saw the potential to use the power of entertainment to impact culture and change opinions in its purest form, and created the branding, naming, content and concept of Chime For Change.

The mission was simple: to raise awareness of gender equality, and use talent and entertainment to spread the message.

But how do you communicate such a broad issue?

We strategically focused the movement around three pillars that allowed us to show what Chime for Change stood for:

1. Health
2. Education
3. Justice

Each pillar was championed by one the founders.
Education was championed by Frida Giannini, Health by Beyoncé, and Justice by Salma Hayek.

The Sound of Change Concert

Now that our message had taken hold, the world needed to hear it. We needed a stage. Not just any stage. We wanted to capture the attention of the whole world.

With a little help from the greatest talent, one of the biggest concerts was born.

The Sound of Change - which featured performances from Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Florence + The Machine - was broadcast to a global audience of over 1 billion on Channel 4 and NBC, and caught the attention of the media overnight.

The world was listening.

"Chime for Change brings you the stories of girls and women rising from the ground up to seek justice and build peace."

Mariane Pearl

Putting women's stories at the
centre of fundraising

We also created a film production unit headed up by Salma Hayek, to collaborate with ten award-winning filmmakers from around the world to find and commission unique stories that raised awareness of desperate causes.

Our films were distributed broadly around the world. They were broadcast during the Sound of Change concert and were featured on an editorial platform created by Mariane Pearl, allowing people to follow the impact of Chime For Change. Each film showed real, unexpected stories of women and girls, from Pakistan to LA, that uncovered global issues, affecting change through the power of storytelling.

Speaking Out

With such a strong message, we soon gathered a movement of people. By harnessing the power of ambassadors, we were able to create short films and PSAs from talent who used their vocal support and connections to spread awareness of gender equality.

People wanted to hear our message. It struck the zeitgeist. Soon Salma Hayek was invited to speak at TED to share our vision for the future.

See Salma's TED talk here.

Donations with a Difference

Chime allows people to raise funds through micro-donations - a totally different way of supporting women across the world.

Through Catapult rather than simply donating a set amount of money, never to be thought of again, we gave people a connection to their donation in a very real way. People were able to choose specific, tangible things to donate to their chosen project. A chair for a classroom, or providing contraception to women in Guatemala.

Through this, people were able to see a personal, human story as a consequence of their donation.

"Chime allows people to raise funds through
micro-donations - a totally different way
of supporting women across the world."

With Chime for Change, we're proud to have created an awareness of one of the most significant women's donation campaigns.

So far, over 60 of the world's biggest names have chimed for the change they want to see, and Chime has funded 400 projects in 86 countries via 144 non-profit partners.

Today the relationship between Sunshine and Chime continues. Now our message has been heard, we're developing ways to put this awareness into action, with the ongoing goal to convene, unite and strengthen the voices of every girl and woman everywhere.